Who We Are

Nicole Lehr, Co-Founder

Nicole Lehr is a Licensed Esthetician and Nail Technician, having entered into the spa industry in 1999, when she completed an apprenticeship with The Natural Nail Care Clinic in Williamsburg, Virginia. Nicole expanded her service offerings in 2005, when she studied Esthetics at the Institute of Health and Healing in Newport News, Virginia. During her studies, she discovered the powers of the holistic approach to skincare. Nicole incorporates all natural, organic products into her facial treatments, and individualizes treatments based on her guests' needs and concerns. Other modalities Nicole offers include body scrub treatments, body waxing services, eyelash and eyebrow tinting, facial cupping, natural nail care services and gel polish manicures and pedicures.

Nicole Lehr and Karen Earls, Founders

Nicole Lehr and Karen Earls, Founders

Karen Earls, Co-Founder

Karen Earls is a Licensed Massage Therapist and a Reiki Master. Her early experience with Reiki sparked her interest in the healing arts, leading her to pursue a license in Massage Therapy as an avenue to practice Reiki professionally. She gained both her Massage Therapy License and her Master Reiki Attunement in 2011, in Florida. Since then, she has been trained in Thai Massage and Lymphatic Detox Massage, and is a Certified Nurturing the Mother Pregnancy Massage Therapist. In addition to providing individual Reiki healing sessions, Karen hosts a monthly Reiki Share and teaches Reiki to those who wish to learn it either for self-care or to help others.