Skincare Services

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We provide complimentary Skin Consultations to help identify your needs.  Please call us to arrange a time for your consultation.  

At Purity Day Spa, we schedule facial treatments as an allotted amount of time instead of a specific treatment. We don't want you to feel overwhelmed trying to figure out which type of treatment you need. As the client, you most likely can't see what your provider can see - she will use a magnifying lamp to identify your skin's needs, which aren't always visible to the naked eye.

All of our skincare treatments are performed with organic, chemical free and natural based products. Some key essential oil ingredients include Frankincense, Palmarosa, Orange Flower, Rose and White Tea, just to name a few. Your skin will feel refreshed, supple, even-toned and renewed.

30-Minute Facial Treatment

During your 30-minute Facial Treatment with us, your provider will analyze your skin and discuss your current and future skin goals. This treatment will include deep cleansing, exfoliation of the skin, a hydrating mask and a finishing cream. While your mask is setting, you will have the option of an arm and shoulder massage or a scalp massage. When finished, you and your provider will make a care plan and skin regimen to help you reach your skin's optimal potential.   $60  (Offered by Nicole and Connie)

60-Minute Facial Treatment

This treatment is a full 60 minute, hands on treatment customized to your skins needs. Whether that be detoxing with extractions, re-hydration or rejuvenating the skin, we will have you covered. All products used are natural plant based organic products. Your skin will feel renewed and refreshed! You will also be offered your choice of either a scalp or shoulder/arm massage. Which will you choose?   $100

*This treatment does not include a facial cupping treatment.

90-Minute Facial Treatment

Your 90-minute Facial Treatment will be customized according to the needs your provider identifies. The treatment will include whichever organic products best fit your skin's needs and your skincare goals, whether that be age correction, hydration, oil balancing, detoxification, or all of the above; because all skin is not the same.  During your treatment your provider will also perform either a facial cupping treatment, arm, shoulder, scalp massage, or all of the above!   $130

Thermal Detox Facial Treatment

The Thermal Detox Facial Treatment includes the circulatory effects of facial stimulation, Thermotherapy (hot and cold stone massage), the incredible rejuvenating power of suction therapy (facial cupping) and several healing topicals together in an highly effective-yet gentle treatment that will stimulate, release and support the skins own renewing potential. This treatment is also ideal for those suffering from Migraines, Headaches, Sinus Pressure and or Sinus Blockage.  Please allow 2  hours for this Treatment.     $160  

Package pricing:

  • Package of 3 30-Minute Facial Treatments $160

  • Package of 5 30-Minute Facial Treatments $270

  • Package of 3 60-Minute Facial Treatments $270

  • Package of 5 60-Minute Facial Treatments $450

  • Package of 3 90-Minute Facial Treatments $350

  • Package of 5 90-Minute Facial Treatments $585