Heart Chakra – All About Love

What is a heart? An organ that pumps blood through the body? A vital force in the human circulatory system? A shape? A symbol? What about some of all of these, PLUS: an energetic force that is centered in the chest area and whose primary function is to drive all our forms of LOVE.

I recently spent some time working on a meditation about a love. It was a very simple meditation. I sat and wrote a spiral on a piece of paper and wrote down all of the different kinds of love I could think of, and all the different ways we show each other love.  My number one favorite was compassion – I don’t think the work I do would mean anything at all to me or to anyone else if I didn’t feel compassion. There’s also a lot of empathy in my world, which comes from that same source – LOVE.

But there are so many different forms of love that it can be confusing to us, trying to sort out how we relate to others. Is this familial love? Divine love? Romantic love or lust? Deep respect, loyalty, or friendship? Are you just being kind to a fellow human? Guess what – it’s all love. All of it. Loving yourself, forgiving yourself (that’s a big one) – you got it: Love

David Pond writes in Chakras For Beginners, “We are born into separateness. At birth, we gain a body, a mind, a personality, and an ego. These define us separate and unique from all others. The first three chakras deal with the preservation of that separate identity. With the awakening of the fourth [Heart], we rise up out of that separateness and begin to experience unity with all life.” In other words, we’ve learned how to survive; now we’ll learn how to connect – through love, understanding, compassion, etc.

The Heart Chakra, as I said, is located in the center of the chest, on the breast bone (sternum). This energy vortex is most commonly seen as green in color, but sometimes pink, white, or red, or a mix of these. Working along with the Heart Chakra is the Thymus Chakra, which is re-emerging as an important element in our energetic life. This chakra is also located in the center of the sternum and assists the body with healing processes, especially those of mental or emotional illness or injury. The energy of this secondary chakra is typically seen as soft pink or soft blue.

Issues with the Heart or Thymus Chakras can present themselves in our physical bodies as heart conditions like arrhythmia, heart disease, poor circulation, or compromised immunity/inability to heal properly. Difficulty in relationships also arises when our Heart Chakra is compromised. To help activate or refuel/nourish these chakras, use polished or faceted peridot crystals. You can even drink peridot infused spring water to boost the energetic vibration of an underactive Heart Chakra. Pink topaz can help release long-held patterns of disease or injury to the heart energy, and green topaz will do the same for the lungs. Patricia Mercier, in The Chakra Bible, states that “[Pink or Lavender] Kunzite is always calming to the Heart Chakra, by bringing into the auric field increased levels of compassion. It is used to help lift depression arising from emotional turbulence, and to calm panic attacks.” For balancing the Heart Chakra, rose quartz, green aventurine, or watermelon tourmaline are recommended.

Heart and Thymus Chakras can also be aided with pure essential oils of Rose, Melissa, and Neroli. These are costly oils, but are well worth the investment in your mental, physical, and emotional health. As always, Patricia Mercier includes yoga poses that help balance these chakras in The Chakra Bible.



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