"Why I Do This" Moments

In the business of therapeutic massage, a person can get a little bogged down in the cycle of rub this arm, rub that arm, do the back, so on and so forth. Without passion, massage therapy is a very tedious job that is both hard work and boring. 

Yay for me!  I have passion for my work, which gets fueled by what I call "Why I do this" moments. This afternoon was one of those moments. While we didn't break down the walls and cure all the ails, we opened doors that led to paths, and then paved the paths with options. 

My client (let's call her Pauline) had booked a 2-hour session. Her needs were mostly to relax, but also to do some therapeutic work on her mid-back and some lymphatic drainage for her right ankle and leg. During the session, Pauline had what she called a "release" of some sort, which she has experienced before with me. She described it as starting with her sinuses draining, and feeling a heaviness lifting from her chest, and feeling very weepy. Afterwards we discussed some of the things this might be. 

Pauline, has a number of stress factors in her life, not the least of which is being peri-menopausal. Add to that a recent move, home-schooling her children, having a child doing outstandingly well in a competitive activity, and just all the day-to-day stuff we all deal with. Then there are the things most folks come to me about, the muscle tension we initially planned to work during the session.

 When Pauline first told me about the release, I immediately felt there was something energetic happening. We discussed the possibility of her coming to one of the Reiki Shares we host here, but with her hectic schedule that would be hard for her to manage. So I explained that I would like to have her undergo a Reiki session with me, and I would take her through a Chakra balancing session and teach her some energy-based techniques to help her stay grounded and protect herself from all the stress factors in her life.  

I am looking forward to working with her on this - I feel she will benefit greatly from the work we will do together; especially if she follows through with the self-care instructions that come with this sort of work.  


Chakra Stones Karen.jpg