The Solar Plexus Chakra - Ego and Personal Power Source

Solar Plexus is a tricky chakra. Located just above the belly button, it is the highest-placed chakra of the lower vibrational energies. These lower vibrations are focused on more physical-body functions. Because of this, we tend to have difficulty bringing them into balance.

The Solar Plexus Chakra is our center for self-expression, emotions, and our internal power source. When it is well-balanced we are self-confident, self-reliant, and we move well within the flow of life. We are able to rejoice for others who experience good fortune, and we are less likely to feel insulted or underappreciated. We can assert ourselves without needing to fight. When it is out of balance, we are prone to emotions such as fear, anxiety, jealousy. In extreme cases, we may even find we are attracting situations that we see as justification for these lower-vibrational emotions. Or we may go the opposite way and be self-loathing, unable to see our own worth, allowing others to take advantage of our desire to please.

Solar Plexus is associated with the Fire element and if we spend any time concentrating on that fact, the reasons become crystal clear. When we have a powerful emotional experience, we often feel it in our “guts” or the area around the navel. Positive emotions (love, anticipation) tend to cause “butterflies” and negative emotions (anger, jealousy, shame) tend to cause sensations of being “punched in the stomach” or “flip-flopping” bellies. Fire is a very powerful element, carrying the ability to warm us comfortably or burn everything to ashes. We use our inner fire to fuel our endeavors and to help us forge our place in the world around us.

Physical functions of the Solar Plexus chakra include digestion and metabolism. Imbalances can manifest in the form of major stress-related issues (i.e. high blood pressure), diabetes, and even cancer.

Ways to help balance the Solar Plexus chakra include:

  • Stones and crystals: Amber for mental clarity and confidence; Yellow Tourmaline to activate the chakra and to detoxify; Yellow Citrine or Yellow Topaz for empowerment and confidence; Emerald or Sapphire for calming

  • Aromatherapy such as diffused sage essential oil, clary sage (if not pregnant), juniper or geranium.

  • Meditate on situations that could result in conflicts, and see them from the standpoint of an observer: view all sides of the conflicts dispassionately and find workable solutions for a peaceful result.

  • Use the colors of yellow and gold in your surroundings or on your person.

  • Feel the sun on your face (use sun protection).

  • Reduce stress by doing silly and fun things like blowing bubbles, telling knock-knock jokes, having a tea-party with your kids. Don’t get hung up on the how - just do the fun part.

  • Patricia Mercier offers ways to use yoga to improve the flow of Solar Plexus in the Chakra Bible.

Note: I had a hard time writing this installment. I had a hard time getting the right feel of what to say about this very powerful chakra, especially after seeing so many friends, clients, family members struggling with issues that arise here (myself included). This chakra has appeared as either overactive or underactive in almost every Reiki session I’ve provided this year. Political climate, financial climate, stress, stress, stress… We are all stressed in one way or another. Take care of yourself - reduce your stress by either removing yourself from the stressful situation or finding a peaceful resolution. The next installment will be about the Heart chakra - love, compassion, all those wonderful things. Namaste!   ~Karen~

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