Reasons People Give for Not Trying Thai Massage

Often, when I work with a client who needs a lot of work restoring or improving range of motion, circulation, or general feel goods, I start talking to them about Thai massage and how it can help. 

There are a number of responses I get from most people who try to talk themselves out of it, and I wanted to share these along with the reasons why they should try it anyway.  

1 - "I'm not very flexible."  Thai massage is like a gentle form of assisted yoga. You don't have to be flexible because it's my job to get you into a more flexible state. You aren't stretching - I am stretching you.  

2 - "I can't get down on the floor, and if I do, I won't be able to get up again." There is a modified version of Thai massage that is performed on the massage table. I can do a whole Thai session on the table.  What many of my regular clients may not realize is that those awesome stretches I do with them during a deep tissue massage are actually derived from my Thai massage training. 

3 - "I don't want to try this because you're going to walk on me."  No, I'm not.  Some Thai massage therapists do that, but there are very few people I would risk that walking on, and chances are, you aren't one of them. I do however use my feet and hands, arms and legs - whichever is more functional for the area being worked. 

4 - "I can't try this today because I wore the wrong clothes."  I keep drawstring pants and comfy tops available for this exact purpose. 

5 - "I'm afraid you're going to hurt me." / "I have an artificial joint/limb." Thai massage can be performed as gently or aggressively as you need.  If you have a condition, injury or other reason requiring gentler handling, we just need to communicate about it. This is the same for any massage. 

Gentle stretching of the leg to loosen hamstrings, quads, glutes and lumbar. 

Gentle stretching of the leg to loosen hamstrings, quads, glutes and lumbar.