Introducing Women's Specialty Massage Services

Note: As of June, 2017, the specific services listed below are no longer available. Please read our  updated service descriptions on the Services menu. 

What It’s All About: Because of our ever-changing nature, women have varying massage needs depending on where we are in our lives. Some women are fortunate to have an easy relationship with their reproductive processes, and others seem to spend their lives constantly embattled with irregularity, pain, emotional distress, and many other symptoms. Massage may help to regulate menstrual cycles in timing and intensity, and aid in mood stabilization and reduction of excess water retention. I’ve created a group of specialty massages designed to address many of these issues, and to help make our journey through these stages more comfortable. For each of these services, I’ve combined specialized massage oils with castor oil and carefully selected essential oils and essential oil blends.  On request, Reiki energy healing may also be employed to help you make peace with fluctuations or changes in your body, mind and spirit. This gentle but powerful work may be performed on the Thai mat prior to the massage or as part of the massage on the table, and costs a nominal upcharge of $15 for the 15 minutes of additional time. 

The Tranquility Massage                                                                     60 Minutes $85                    90 Minutes $125
Some women face more issues before or after menstruation than others do. For these women, PMS symptoms are addressed using Dragon Time Massage Oil, hot packs with Bergamot and Ylang Ylang essential oils and Aroma Siez essential oil blend, and a cooling face cloth with Peppermint and Lemongrass essential oils, which may aid in reducing the length or intensity of headaches while restoring energy to continue your day. Relaxing Swedish massage techniques are used to restore your sense of peace and tranquility. 

Pain Relief: 
The Comfort Massage                                                         30 Minutes $50                    60 Minutes $85                    90 Minutes $125
Menstrual cramping can alter even the sweetest disposition, and for some women, can completely derail any plans for days at a time. This massage session concentrates on relaxing the abdominal and reproductive musculature, and reducing pain and inflammation throughout the lower abdomen and lower back. Hot packs are placed on the tummy and lower back, and are combined with soothing Lavender and Valerian essential oils and Dragon Time essential oil blend. I also provide deep work (to the recipient’s comfort level) around the lower back, glutes (if needed), shoulders and neck, and reflexology for the reproductive points on the feet. 

The Autumn Leaves Massage                                                            60 Minutes $85                    90 Minutes $125
Moving towards the end of our reproductive cycles, going through menopause, we experience some changes that are like quicksilver, leaping from one extreme to another in mere moments, and others that slowly progress over time.  Some of us become emotional volcanoes, others have skin made of lava, and some of us get to feel all the symptoms at once.  For this ever-changing time in our lives, I created a massage that is as changeable as we are. Menopause treatments vary according to your symptoms at the time of the massage. At any given moment, we can switch your service from warmth and comfort to cooling and restoration, and back again if needed! Your treatment may include hot packs, cold packs, lymphatic detox massage, reflexology and aromatherapy to suit your present condition.

The Spring Flowers Massage                                                              30 Minutes $50                    60 Minutes $85
The first stage of our reproductive cycles is possibly the most important to address with a healing mind. Young girls transitioning into womanhood can be unnecessarily traumatized by the whole idea of a monthly period. Introducing young women to the benefits of massage during the early stages of puberty may help to diminish the emotional and physical impact of the changes they will experience.  Because of her young age, a parent must be in the room for these treatments, and the parent and daughter will determine whether the young woman disrobes for the session. This is a shorter session, using Reiki if accepted, and gentle massage on the upper body only. Essential oils may be used if desired.

Claire Marie Miller Pregnancy Massage:

I offer in-office or *at-home massage designed for all the phases of pregnancy, including postpartum.  Called Nurturing the Mother, this group of massage services was developed by Claire Marie Miller with special attention to a mother's needs during each trimester and after the birth of her child or children.

During pregnancy, a woman's body experiences vast change in numerous ways.  Her body has to make space for a whole human being to grow - and sometimes there are multiple babies growing. This requires major adjustments to joints, ligaments, organ positions, hormone production, blood production, water retention, and body weight. All of these changes can wreak havoc on a woman, physically and emotionally; and when the birth is over, everything has to go back where it was, causing an equal upheaval but in reverse. The good news is: our bodies are designed to handle every bit of it.  The even better news is: professional massage can help!

Studies have shown that massage during pregnancy may help: 

  • Reduce pain levels
  • Reduce stress hormone levels
  • Aid in more restful sleep
  • Lower risk of complications during labor
  • Lower risk of postnatal complications in infants

Massage during labor is also highly beneficial to the mother. Possible benefits include:

  • Reduced labor time
  • Shorter hospital stay
  • Reduced risk of postpartum depression

Postpartum massage should be considered for every mother, to help smooth out the process of returning the body to its pre-pregnancy state. This is also helpful in reducing the risk of postpartum depression. 

Pregnancy Massage                                                                             60 Minutes $75                    90 Minutes $110

Postpartum Massage                                                                           60 Minutes $75                    90 Minutes $110

Labor Massage                                                                                     Please call to discuss.

*At-home services may involve travel fees.  Please call to discuss.


Companion or Mother-Daughter Packages

Karen and Nicole can work in tandem to simultaneously deliver services to two women or a mother and daughter, all in one room. While one is receiving massage services, the other will receive a facial. When the first set of services is finished, Karen and Nicole will trade places so you don’t have to move! (Prices below are per person.)

For Mother and Daughter or Companions:                                     30 Minutes $85                    60 Minutes $150

For Companions:                                                                                  90 Minutes $230

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