2018 Best of Williamsburg for Massage Therapist.

2018 Best of Williamsburg for Massage Therapist.


Massage & Healing

At Purity Day Spa, all massage and energy work sessions fall under the name Massage and Healing instead of a label like Deep Tissue or Hot Stone. (Pregnancy Massage is listed individually due to additional set-up requirements.) This is to save you the worry of trying to figure out which type of massage you should receive, or what you should purchase for someone as a gift. 

Massage and Healing sessions are intended to be long enough to actually achieve the goal of helping you heal. For your best benefit, your session should be at least 90 minutes, and we can work with you for up to 3 hours (including short breaks) if needed. [While 60-minute sessions are available, there is a good chance that you won't get the full benefit because the massage therapist may have to skip things that aren't your main focus or spend less time on your main issue to cover everything else.] 

It is expected that you will take part in your care - the massage therapist will educate you on stretches and self-care options you can use between sessions. These will help you feel better and increase the benefit of your treatment, as well as increase how long you can wait between appointments. 

We will schedule your massage as a block of time starting at 90 minutes, at least for your first session.  When you arrive, you’ll fill out the health history form, we’ll discuss your issues and your goals (immediate and long-term), do some assessment if needed, and we will work out a plan for your first session. Afterwards we will discuss your self-care instructions and work out a plan for future sessions. 

Session pricing:

  • 60-Minute Massage and Healing $90

  • 60-Minute Pregnancy Massage and Healing $90

  • 90-Minute Massage and Healing $120

  • 90-Minute Pregnancy Massage and Healing $120

  • 2-Hour Massage and Healing $150

  • Additional Time is available for $1 per minute in increments of 15 and 30 minutes, up to a maximum of 3 hours including breaks.

Package pricing:

  • Package of 5 30-Minute Massage and Healing sessions $250 (30-Minute sessions are only available as part of a Package or a Mini Spa Day.)

  • Package of 5 60-Minute Massage and Healing sessions $400

  • Package of 3 90-Minute Massage and Healing sessions $325


Your Session:

Your session will be composed of any combination of the types of massage and bodywork currently known by your massage therapist. These may include:

  • Swedish (Relaxation) – a basic style that uses long, gliding strokes, usually with medium to firm pressure. Pressure is always determined by your comfort level.

  • Deep Tissue techniques such as Trigger Point work, vibration, friction, or deep effleurage. (Deep Tissue Massage is not necessarily synonymous with hard pressure. Deep Tissue actually means the massage of muscles and connective tissues that are located deeper within the body.)

  • Hot Stones – these are smoothed river rocks that are heated and used as an extension of the massage therapist's hand. The heat and the nature of the rocks make hot stones a perfect tool for “melting” a tense upper layer of muscle so that work can be done on muscle layers deeper in the body.

  • Bamboo Massage uses bamboo pieces which are fused into solid rods of various sizes. The rods are heated and used like a rolling pin, or in long, gliding strokes. Bamboo is especially helpful around the neck or long muscles such as the back and legs. While bamboo feels very luxurious, it is considered a deep tissue modality. This service requires advance notice to properly heat the bamboo. If you are interested in bamboo massage, please call us to schedule your appointment.

  • Thai Massage is a combination of yoga-like stretches, compression-style massage, and energy work. The stretching is passive – the recipient relaxes while the massage therapist moves limbs into various poses to accomplish each stretch. Compression is used rather than strokes because the recipient is clothed. The flow of a Thai session releases blockages in the sen (energy) lines of the recipient. Thai massage can be modified for table work or done in the traditional way on the floor mat.

  • Lymphatic massage is very gentle, seeming to work only at the surface of the skin; however, lymph moves through our bodies at all levels. The gentle, rhythmic strokes push lymph towards the heart, carrying away built-up toxins and metabolic waste. This is very helpful for recovery from surgery, especially for cancer survivors dealing with lymphedema. It can also be used as a general detox of the whole body.

  • Integrative Reflexology® is a system of reflexology developed by Claire Marie Miller. She has combined her knowledge of human anatomy with four different theories of reflexology into one powerful system. Her method employs "whole-hand strokes to stimulate reflex areas to achieve therapeutic effects throughout the body." (Integrative Reflexology® Theory and Practice by Claire Marie Miller with Courtney Rosser) This service can be performed separately or integrated into a massage or Reiki session. Because only the feet, hands, and sometimes ears are involved, this service is excellent for those who are uncomfortable with disrobing. 

  • Reiki Energy Healing is the gentlest work offered at Purity Day Spa. Rather than massaging the body, Reiki energy is channeled to recipients so they can do the work of self-healing more effectively. “Reiki” translates roughly to Universal Life Force Energy. During a Reiki session, the recipient may be led through a chakra balancing. Chakras are concentrated areas of energy, or vortices, within a being and each chakra has its own purpose. (For example, the Heart chakra is located in the center of the chest, at the bottom of the sternum. It is the energy center that deals with all the different forms of Love – self-love, spiritual love, family love, physical love, etc.) There are seven main chakras and many minor ones. Energy work is also excellent for anyone trying to handle intense emotions, trauma, general life stress, etc. It is a marvelous modality for someone who wants healing but can’t tolerate touch of any kind.

Rocking the baby during Nurturing the Mother Pregnancy Massage

Rocking the baby during Nurturing the Mother Pregnancy Massage

  • Nurturing the Mother Pregnancy Massage was developed by Claire Marie Miller, an internationally recognized Massage Therapist who specializes in massage for pregnant women, mothers during delivery, and postpartum services. Postpartum massage helps the mother’s body to return to its pre-pregnancy state. Massage during pregnancy and after delivery help the mother maintain health and happiness so she can continue to be there for herself and her family. (When scheduling a Pregnancy Massage, please let us know how far along you are so that we can properly prepare.)

  • Women’s Needs – These are specially developed protocols for issues women face at various stages of their lives, from puberty through menopause. Massage is an important aid to women suffering from the constant shift of hormones and the emotional and physical roller coaster those changes can cause. These protocols are available as part of any massage session; simply let your massage therapist know what you’re experiencing and we can adjust the massage as needed.

  • Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils in various ways to increase the benefits of massage, to boost immunity, to ease tension in muscles, to alleviate stress symptoms – there is an extensive list of uses for pure, therapeutic grade essential oils. For the most part, we use products by Young Living because of the high-quality reputation, but we do occasionally purchase oils from other trusted manufacturers. Aside from essential oils and blends, we also use pure, organic massage oil and lotion products with specific purposes such as deepening your level of relaxation, fast-acting muscle and joint relief, or easing hormonal reactions.

*Outcall sessions are available on a case-by-case basis and are intended only for those who cannot come to the spa for services. Pricing includes time for setup and clean-up. Travel fees may apply. Please call to schedule outcall sessions.